Welcome to The Woodkid – Woodworking Tools Australia

The Woodkid was created for a few reasons – as a woodworker myself I find the lack of choice for woodworking tools in Australian shops below average. There are a lot of woodworking tools which are only available overseas especially the US, this store initially will sell products that for me were hard to acquire here in Australia, but eventually we will fill out like a standard woodworking tool shop.

If you know of any woodworking tools that are hard to get here in Australia, let us know by clicking on the Suggestion Box tab over to the right, and if there is enough interest we’ll look at stocking it, I’ve spoken to numerous woodworkers over the years and they all have at least one item that they wish were stocked here in Australia.

The second reason was shipping time, some products do ship to Australia, but shipping time was generally between 2-3 weeks, who wants to wait that long?


This is important to us, and so we only want to stock products that are equal or greater than 4 stars on Amazon.com, their rating system is superb, and you can easily filter out the quality from the crap, yes there are ways to cheat this system, but overall their rating system works well. There may be some products that we will stock that don’t follow this rule, for eg. a product may not even be listed on Amazon, or it may not have any ratings yet.


If you’ve ever ordered from sites like pccasegear you’ll understand how well they have this part down pat, we will offer a few different shipping options that will get the product to your door as fast as possible, from:

  • 1-3 days express shipping
  • 2-5 days standard shipping

Australia wide, and all our products will be shipped from Melbourne, Australia.