Absolute DRO +

iGaging Absolute DRO+

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iGaging Absolute DRO+

This is iGagings higher end DRO range, it is more designed for metal lathes, mills and metal work in general as apposed to woodworking as they are 2-4 times more accurate especially with the longer models. A handful of different brackets are included, but most people build their own custom mounting brackets. They take 2 x CR2032 batteries by default, but these higher end DRO’s can take a permanent power supply sold separately.

See below matrix for details:


Item# Range Reading Accuarcy Data Output AC power port
35-806A+ 0-6″ 0.0005″/ 0.01mm / 1/64inch 0.001″ Yes Yes
35-812A+ 0-12″ 0.0005″/ 0.01mm / 1/64inch 0.0015″ Yes Yes
35-824A+ 0-24″ 0.0005″/ 0.01mm / 1/64inch 0.002″ Yes Yes
35-860-AC AC power supply
100-700-USB Data Connect kit – cable