iGaging EZ-View Plus Digital Readout

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iGaging EZ-View Plus Digital Readout

This iGaging EZ-View Plus Digital Readout can be adapted to a number of woodworking machines, including router lifts, router tables, planers, thicknesses, and tablesaws. The large easy to read display reads in inches with fractions (1.64 Inch) or millimeters. The readout is displayed in .001 inch increments and millimeters in .05 mm increments, this display can be attached via an included mounting bracket, or there are 2 strong magnets built into the rear of the display so it can stick to a steel/cast iron surface, it’s connected with a 50 Inch cord that can be disconnected for easy installation and access.

The 2 longer Digital Readouts(24″ and 36″) come with an extra bracket that can attach to a table saw fence, vertical and horizontal slider mounting hardware is also included. These take 2 x 3V CR2032 batteries, with 4 included with this purchase.

iGaging also have a higher end Absolute Digital Readout, which are more accurate, and can use the USB kit, but these are more for metal work/engineering so we won’t be selling them for now.


  • Accuracy: ±0.002” per 6 inch
  • Reading increments: 0.0005″/ 0.01mm / 1/64inch
  • Quick measure speed at 120” per second
  • Large crystal LCD display
  • Magnets built into rear or display
  • Mounting bracket included


Model Size Accuracy
35-706-P+ 0-6” ±0.002”
35-712-P+ 0-12” ±0.004”
35-724-P+ 0-24” ±0.008”
35-736-P+ 0-36” ±0.013”