iGaging Magnetic Base for Dial Indicators

iGaging Magnetic Base for Dial Indicators

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iGaging Magnetic Base for Dial Indicators

Set your indicator into any desired position with this unique 3-dimensional magnetic base with central locking knob and magnetic on/off base.

As long as the base is cast iron, this can attach via the strong neodynium magnet built it. Useful for measuring blade wobble, jointer knives positions, drill press runout and much more.


  • Sealed system
  • Accepts all types of indicators – 3/8″ stem, Lug Back, and Dovetail.
  • Turning knob to release all degrees of freedom joints.
  • Fine Adjustment
  • Magnet has 40 Kg holding power
  • V-Groove base allows mounting it on cylindrical surfaces

This does not include a dial indicator.