iGaging Snap Check Gauge

iGaging Snap Check Gauge

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iGaging Snap Check Gauge

This iGaging Snap Check Guage is one of iGaging’s newest products. It comes installed with 3 strong neodymium magnets on the base leaving both hands free to adjust the machine in question, even if the surface is not steel/cast iron, the Snap Check is still heavy enough to hold it’s own weight without being moved as you adjust the tool in question(my router table plate is aluminium, and it works fine on this).

The plunger is spring loaded and can display readouts in mm, inches, and fractions, and comes with 2 anvil tips; a ball tip and a flat tip.

The 3 most useful applications would be:

Setting Jointer Knives

These are very difficult to get right, once you’ve found top dead center, you can move the snap check across the knives to verify the are the same height all the way across.
You can also calibrate the difference in height between the in and out feed of the jointer.

Setting Tablesaw Blade Height

Another useful application would be setting the height of your tablesaw blade, using the built in neodymium magnets, you have both hands free to adjust the height of the blade to ensure the exact height of the blade, you can also measure blade run-out/wobble(as seen in the below video) if your fence is made of the right material, if your fence is made of a plastic or another material that doesn’t attract magnets, you can always just hold the snap check against the fence.

Setting Router Table Height

This tool shine for setting router table heights, some router bits are angled towards a peak, and holding a metal rule next to the router bit is not always accurate.


  • 3-Way Reading: Inch, Metric, Fraction
  • Hold function
  • Measuring Range: 0-2”
  • Accuracy: ±0.001” / 1”
  • Spring-loaded travel
  • Magnetic base
  • Battery: 3V CR2032 included