iGaging Snap Depth Gauge

iGaging Snap Depth Gauge 0-4″/ 0-100mm

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iGaging Snap Depth Gauge 0-4″/0-100mm

This depth gauge comes in quite handy, it’s 2 tools in 1; a digital indicator that can be used to measure blade run-out/wobble, table saw fence alignment, etc. basically anything a digital/dial indicator can measure.

But this tool’s main purpose is it’s depth gauge functionality, with the flat reference point 90° to the spring loaded 1-4″ depth rod, you can precisely measure rabbet, lap and halving joints to name a few, but the 2 most important and most common joints would be firstly dado cuts(as seen in one of the photos), and also the very common mortise and tenon joint, especially if you were doing a blind mortise and tenon, you can very precisely measure the depth of the mortise and the depth of your tenons, ensuring a snug fit.

This depth gauge has a 1″ rod permanently attached and comes with 2 extra rods(1″ and 2″) that can that screw together which can make any length between 1-4″. The plunge mechanism only allows for 1″ of movement, so this isn’t designed for long measurements, it can measure between 0″ and 1″, but for anything longer this should be used to compare, eg. blade run-out/wobble, fence alignment, etc.

  • Spring loaded travel
  • 3-Way Reading: Inch, Metric, and Fraction
  • Measuring Range: 0-4” / 0-100mm
  • 2-Way Measuring
  • Hold function
  • Easy to use & easy to carry
  • Large clear LCD display
  • Accuracy: ±0.001” / 1”
  • Battery: 3V CR2032 included