iGaging Rollbot

iGaging RollBot

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iGaging Rollbot

Take quick, accurate digital measurements of flat, curved, rounded, or irregular shapes with RollBot.
  • Roll it over a surface to measure it
  • Starts and stops measuring at the touch of a button
  • Measures in either decimal or fractional inches, or decimal metric increments
  • Easy-to-use mode settings to compensate for measuring into corners
  • In addition to linear measurements, you can determine the area of rectangular objects like tabletops and measure lumber in board feet
  • For turning blanks, tree limbs and any other cylindrical object, you can quickly determine the diameter of the cylinder, as well as calculate the surface area
There is also an M2.5 marking scribe that can be lowered into position to trace your measurements
Smaller than a 12′ rule, the RollBot measures up to 144″ with 1/32 (0.01″) resolution in either direction.