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Yonico 8 Piece Architectural Molding Router Bit Set

Yonico 8 Piece Architectural Molding Router Bit Set

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Expand your molding router bit options by including this Yonico 8 piece deluxe router bit architectural molding set. It is the perfect size set with a variety of Yonico molding router bits that will allow for an infinite amount of design experiences. This set’s router bits are ideal for use in architectural mill work. This all inclusive set is so valuable boasting huge savings to our customer eliminating the expense of purchasing these high-end molding router bits at individual pricing. Bits are industrial quality, made of premium C3 carbide and double fluted. All router bit shanks are 1/2″.

Fully enclosed, high quality lubricated bearings will ensure smooth operation. In addition, heat resistant coating is baked on to prevent pitch and resin build-up. Beautiful solid wood storage case included.

These bits are highly rated on Amazon with a rating between 4.2 and 4.7 as of this writing.

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